“The clamorous owl, that nightly hoots and wonders at our quaint spirits” Shakespeare
Fly over fields
With graceful charm.
Catch the vermin
That do men harm.
The charm of the owl is magnified by a new study: An Australian bird lover, Mr. F. F. Silcock, declares that a few barn owls (Tyto Alba), on rare occasions, glow with intrinsic bioluminescence. In his book, The Min Min Light (The Visitor Who Never Arrives), he shows that the behavior and the habitat of barn owls relates to the mysterious lights called “Min Min” in Australia and “Will ‘O The Wisp” in England. He interviewed many eyewitnesses, some of whom gave testimony evidence that the strange lights are actually glowing barn owls. The book makes a strong case for that: bioluminescent barn owls.
Over dusty lane
In the dead of night
She sails the air
In a silent flight
The ancient cry
With cricket chorus
Everyone but mice
Adore us
thy time will come.