Opai Village and the Giant Ropen
On Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea
The humble people of Opai Village greatly enjoy being videotaped. Some have been interviewed in regard to what seems to be a pterosaur, AKA pterodactyl, that flies overhead.
Opai Village is a small community, one kilometer from Gomlongon Village. What
sets this small settlement apart from the
many other small villages in third-world countries is the ropen. The giant nocturnal creature is seen at least once a month, as
it flies over the village. It is seen because
it glows very brightly at night!
The villagers of Opai are happy to meet visitors
who come with some kind of introduction. They
do not seek tourism; for the most part, they do
not even know what tourism is. Many of the
villagers in Opai have seen the legendary ropen
as it flies over or near the village on some nights.
One villager, Michael, saw the creature long ago,
as it robbed the grave of a man who had recently been buried. Most of the people of Umboi Island have never clearly seen the form of the ropen. Eyewitnesses usually see just a bright distant
light, but there is an exceptions: Gideon Koro.
For those who think that living pterosaurs are
only seen by “superstitious” natives, what about
the professional psychologist who saw a long-
tailed “prehistoric” creature flying over the island
of Bougainville (Eastern Papua New Guinea)?
And what about the American World War II
veteran, Duane Hodgkinson, who saw a giant
long-tailed “pterodactyl” near Finschhafen,
Papua New Guinea, in 1944? Compare their accounts, for both Duane Hodgkinson and Brian Hennessy are Westerners, not natives, yet they describe the creature like native eyewitnesses
do: long-tailed, large, with no sign of feathers:
like a living pterosaur.
Apparently, a nocturnal pterosaur lives on Umboi Island
Hodgkinson's composite sketch
Hennessy's (psychologist)composite sketch
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