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What kind of creature was Grendel?
Description of Grendel

What creature would be something like a man but be fierce and eat people?  Hint #1: maybe it was not full-grown. Hint #2: it probably walked on two legs like a man. Hint #3: it's forearms were not big and strong but perhaps the weakest part of its body.  Hint #4: Before Beowulf woke up, Grendel had not only killed a man but ate him "hand and foot."  In addition, he sneaks up on people at night: That sounds like Jurassic Park; woe!
Strange as it may seem to modern people of developed nations, Grendel, in the epic poem of Beowulf, bears resemblance to a creature like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, though the story seems to make it clear that the monster was not nearly as large as the largest fossils we have of a T.R.. Grendel was larger than a man but the second creature of the poem may have been even larger. It was called the mother of Grendel: also greatly feared.
But how could a Tyrannosaurus Rex (or any creature like it) be compared with any human? To ancient people, a creature that walked on two legs would remind them of a human. It should be noted that Grendel was said to be very misshapen or deformed, suggesting that it somehow looked significantly unhuman.
Dinosaurs Alongside Humans
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In the Beowulf poem Grendel
is compared to a man; but he's
larger and greatly deformed. He also eats people.

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Dinosaurs and humans together