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Ceramic Figurines from Acambaro, Mexico
Saint George and the Dragon
Must this story be fictional?

The idea that all dinosaurs and pterosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago, and that “evidence” for this comes from Mesozoic strata--that idea has a major problem in logic:
Circular reasoning.
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In 1945, clay figurines were found buried at the foot of a Mountain near Acambaro, Mexico. 33,000 ceramic figurines were eventually identified with a group who lived between 800 BC and 200 AD. Their authenticity was challenged because of one thing: It included a huge collection of dinosaur depictions. The dating has stood up under rigorous testing and eventually the Mexican government imprisoned two men for selling
the ancient artifacts. Old human skulls were also found at the site. It should be noted that the authenticity of these thousands of figurines
were not challenged for any reason other than that they seemed to indicate that the creators of the art were aware of dinosaurs. In fact,
some of these depictions indicate that the people were aware of the appearance of living dinosaurs, not just their fossils or bones. This is
evidence that people lived with dinosaurs, at least in the past.
Why believe that those thousands of figurines are ancient? A number of things point to their authenticity. For example, during the years since their discovery the advancement of scientific findings has changed opinions about the appearances of dinosaurs, including appearances of dinosaurs that seem to be on some figurines. Those figurines, discovered in the mid-20th Century, resemble late-20th Century scientific opinions of those dinosaurs more than they resemble early-or-mid-20th Century scientific opinions. If those figurines were created by modern farmers in Mexico, how did the farmers forsee scientific advencements? Unless farmers are prophets, they did not create the figurines.
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