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Is there evidence that dinosaurs and pterosaurs have lived with
humans? Yes! And dinosaurs and pterosaurs may still live with us.
In 2004, Jonathan Whitcomb, an American forensic videographer, was on a small ship bound for Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea. He and his interpreter got into a conversation with a native sailor from Pilio Island. When the sailor heard the American mention the ropen of Umboi Island, he replied that his people talk about the flying dragon that "owns the land and the sea." The wawanar.
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Were Dragons Dinosaurs?
Let’s look to the past: Does any evidence in human history justify the “Dinosaurs and people have lived together” idea? First consider an important point: “Dinosaur” is a word that is not ancient, regardless of how old people think the creatures themselves are. So what word did ancient people use for these creatures, if they ever did live in human times? Of course the word “dragon” comes to mind! Therefore, if there is any evidence that dragons were real creatures, then this provides evidence that dinosaurs and people have lived contemporaneously.
Ancient records from many parts of the world include accounts of dragons. Let's look at just a few.
The ancient Greek researcher Herodotus heard of snakes with wings
in Arabia. He traveled there and found many bones of the serpentine creatures. They had bat-like wings. (Read more on Herodotus.)
Records from ancient Britain abound with stories of dragons, and some location-names in England have their origins in some of the stories.
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