True Stories
Nocturnal Pterosaurs Alive
Bioluminescent Creatures of the Night
What flies in the night
As it glows?
Bigger than fireflies and bats
Who knows?
Bigger than barn owls
Dark as the crows
But never with feathers
Who knows?
By Jonathan Whitcomb
Pterosaurs Alive in America
"There were two light blasts about 200
ft. apart, about 50-100 ft. above the river.
The blasts were followed by screeches
from about a dozen or so agitated night-
hawks . . . I think the Rhamphorhynchoids,
if that is what they were, were feeding on the nighthawks . . . bats were also common."
(Live Pterosaurs in America, page 60)
Nearly completing his chores one night, a farm boy in Eastern Australia, in the 1990's, realized he'd forgotten something. As he was about to turn back to the shed, he saw something on the roof. In terror, he saw that the winged creature was at least as big as an average man. He ran into the house but when his parents went to investigate, the creature was gone. (Based on pages 37-38 of Searching for Ropens, second edition)
"We were walking down this 'peninsula' thing . . . and we got about halfway down it when the light came straight for us, I think maybe 8-10 feet over our heads . . . went over us (we all ducked . . . some of us screaming) and continued on . . . away."
(From the non-fiction book Live Pterosaurs in America, Sightings of Apparent Pterosaurs in the United States, author: Jonathan Whitcomb)
Copyright 2009, 2011  Jonathan David Whitcomb
"Details about feather-less appearance also suggest sightings were genuine. Whitcomb questioned many
of the eyewitnesses about how certain they were about the absence of feathers. . . . 'probably' outnumbered 'definitely' by about two-to-one: far more indicative of live pterosaurs than hoaxes." (Reports of Living Pterosaurs in U.S., press release dated July 31, 2009)
How can nocturnal pterosaurs be non-extinct & alive in the 48 contiguous states of America? Several American cryptozoologists have been searching and interviewing, gathering and distributing news and data related to live-pterosaur investigations, incredible as it may appear.
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