What other family unit can naturally
give two persons the opportunity to
have children who have the qualities
and characteristics of both of the
parents? (Children have 100% of their genes from the two parents.)

In 2000, Californians supported
Proposition 22 by about 61%. The
Proposition 8 effort is also to keep
the word "marriage" to mean wife-
husband. Without the passage of
Proposition 8, there will no longer
be a word for this relationship.

The divine institution of the husband-
wife relationship is essential to the existence of society. Please support traditional marriage.
God created marriage (husband-wife)
Marriage between a man and a woman was not
invented by any government or society; it was
given to us by God. It is the ideal family unit.
Wife and husband, united in formal marriage
Marriage (home)
Human Life
True Marriage
Protect Marriage - protecting children
Preserve the Traditional Judeo-Christian
Institution of Marriage (no "gay marriage")