By nature, the greatest contribution
a woman can make to human life is, after marriage, in the natural creation of life that includes birth. Likewise, the greatest contribution a man can make to human life includes, after marriage, fathering a child. The ideal way in which the creation of that life takes place is within that formal promise-
making: husband-wife marriage.

Men and women naturally think in
a different way. Women think in a
360-degree way; men think in a
focused way. These two ways of
thinking, when united in marriage,
provide the ideal parenting for the
child, as it was always intended.
The natural creation of human life
The formal union of husband and wife is central
to the creation and preservation of human life and
the backbone of human societies around the world
Tradition marriage--this is the ideal environment for
raising children successfully. The wife can think of
several things at once, for this is natural to women; the husband can concentrate on one task at hand, for this is natural to men. With both the marriage partners raising their children, we have the ideal family.
Marriage (home)
God created
Man and Woman