Itís often useful to look at a general rule before considering exceptions. The husband-wife relationship gives
society human life. Adoption is the
the exception; marriage creates life.

What's more important than human life? Let's respect life and marriage.

The formal relationship of a man
and a woman in marriage is most
important to society. No other in-
stitution deserves more support.
When a marriage is successful
and children are reared in such a
home, the benefits to society are
greater than all the programs any
government can create. No social
program can compete with it.
Marriage between a man and a woman
The formal union of husband and wife is central
to the creation and preservation of human life and
the backbone of human societies around the world
There's nothing wrong with traditional marriage. All of us are alive because countless traditional marriages
in past generations resulted in more human life. And everybody on earth should be grateful for this God-
given relationship that is perfect even when we are
not perfect. To say that the husband-wife relationship is unimportant is to disrespect the value of human life.
Human Life
God created
Man and Woman
True Marriage (poem)