Why it is between a man and a woman

A major reason for misunder-

standing the present marriage

issues in politics is that so few

people think deeply into what

marriage is and why it is. Our

Western culture has gotten so

caught up  with  materialism

(the pursuit of physical things)

that reasoning has deteriorated.

Basic principles of life have

been forgotten or neglected.

The original purpose of marriage is for a

couple to create human life together. This

is fundamental to all human societies. One

of the greatest things that comes from this

relationship, when it is successful, is the

peaceful security of a permanent bonding

between two people. The natural result of

the husband-wife relationship is children.

Human life is perpetuated. Procreation is

the fundamental purpose of marriage.

Recognizing and respecting the value of

a successful husband-wife relationship

cannot reasonably be construed as any

prejudice against people who have any

emotional attractions for people of the

same sex. Appreciating the importance

of traditional marriage is an intelligent

observation of its relevance to human

society and happiness in family life. It

is natural and reasonable to protect the

definition of marriage as being between

a wife and a husband. No other institu-

tion better deserves protection!

Preserving the definition of the word

“marriage” is not a policy “against

gays” but a sign of appreciation for

the supreme value of the husband-

wife relationship to society.