Objectiveness Map

1) Book Review of Whitcomb's
    "Searching for Ropens" (2nd edition)
2) Book Reviews by Whitcomb
3) Ropen in California - pterosaur sighting
     reported in Southern California
4) Chess Puzzles (simple tactics) for
     chess beginners
5) Child care in Long Beach, California
6) Cryptozoology and Cryptids
7) Review of "Dinosaurs - Dead or Alive"
    (Book Review by Jonathan Whitcomb)
8) Books on Living Dinosaurs, including
     "Mystery in Acambaro" by Hapgood
9) Are Dragons Pterosaurs?
10) Evolutionary Boundary - Mathematical
       Simulations related to GTE evolution
11) Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
12)  Video Camera Work in the Field
       (equipment alone is not sufficient)
13) Flying Dinosaurs in Papua New Guinea
       (Investigation in cryptozoology)
14) Flying Fox of the Southwest Pacific
       (Giant fruit bats of Australia and
       Papua New Guinea)
15) An Objective Look at Galileo
16) Possible Pterosaur Sighting
       (Ropen over Indonesia)
17) Possible Pterosaur Sighting
        (Ropen in Kentucky)
18) Bowling Green Pterosaur Sighting
19) Kentucky Caves and Bats
20) Hoax Explanation for Living Pterosaurs
21) Marriage Between a Man and a Woman
22) Marriage - Why a Man and  a Woman
       (purpose: to create human life)
23) Ropen Story of Michael of Opai Village
24) Book Review: The Min Min Light
25) Opai Village on Umboi Island
26) Owls and Intrinsic Bioluminescence
       (Australian expert F. F. Silcock)
27)  Difficult to Videotape Ropens
28) Papua New Guinea: Island of Mystery
       (but prepare for the dangers)
29) Modern Living Pterodactyls
30) Living Pterosaurs in the Pacific
       (investigations of reports)
31) Are All Pterosaurs Extinct?
       (standard models and pterodactyls)
32) Book Review: "Return From Tomorrow"
       (face-to-face with Jesus Christ)
33) Credibility of Umboi Island Eyewitnesses
34) Live Pterosaurs in Southwest Pacific
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1) Jonathan Whitcomb reviews his own book
    about living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea
2) Books reviewed: "Dinosaurs--Dead or Alive,"
    "The Min Min Light," "Searching for Ropens,"
    "Return From Tomorrow."
3) California ropen described as 30 feet long
4) Simple Chess Puzzles: checkmate and other
    chess combinations (like knight fork)
5) Whitcomb Family Daycare for children
     (licensed child care by Gladys Whitcomb)
6) Cryptozoology: the study of hidden animals
7) "Dinosaurs, Dead or Alive?" (by Phillip
     O'Donnell) reviewed favorably by Whitcomb
8) Three dinosaur (or pterosaur ) books: where
     to get more information on the books
9) "Letís be careful not to rush to conclusions about
    dragons, for fantasies, though fictional, are often
    based upon some truth."
10) " . . . natural selection in the process of biological
11) An overview of Ben Stein's documentary about
       persecution of writers on Intelligent Design
12) Handling a camcorder well in a less-than-ideal
       environment requires preparation
13) Could living pterosaurs still be flying through
       the skies? (Americans visit Papua New Guinea)
14) Thereís no need to fear [giant bats] these are
       fruit bats, not vampire bats
15) "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same
       God who has endowed us with sense, reason
       and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
16) A small plane almost collides with large flying
       creature southeast of Bali, Indonesia
17) Creature flew over Bowling Green, Kentucky
18) (Kentucky) Pterodactyl Flight Direction
19) Possible relationship between bats and the
       pterosaur sighting in Bowling Green, Kentucky
20) Not all accounts of living pterosaurs can be
      easily dismissed as hoaxes
21) The formal union of husband and wife is central
       to the creation and preservation of human life
22) Few people think deeply into what marriage is
      and why it is
23) From an interview given by Jonathan Whitcomb
24) "The Visitor Who Never Arrives" - about the
      bioluminescent barn owls of Australia
25) Opai Village, Papua New Guinea
26) Barn owls, on rare occasions, glow
27) Why it's hard to videotape or photograph ropens
28) Papua New Guinea is full of rugged jungles,
      untouched by modern civilization
29) A World War II veteran says that he saw a live
      ďpterodactylĒ in New Guinea in 1944
30) At Lake Pung, a giant *pterosaur flew over the
      water just minutes after seven island boys had
      arrived (*on Umboi Island, it's called "ropen")
31) This is a reply to Glen Kubanís web page
32) Thirty years before the near-death experience of
       best-selling author Betty Eadie, George Ritchie
       had his extraordinary NDE
33) Do pterosaurs still live? In the 21st Century?
       Donít rush to any conclusion; get the facts,
       then judge credibility.
34) Numerous testimonies suggest nocturnal
      Rhamphorhynchoid-like creatures
Living-Pterosaur ites outside objectiveness.com
Is the ropen a pterosaur?
The book "Searching for Ropens"
Ropen of Umboi Island
Psychologist saw a living pterosaur
Worldwide sightings of ropens
Living Pterosaurs - eyewitnesses & investigators
Creationist Perspective and the Biblical Flood
South Carolina Pterosaur
Creatures reported in Papua New Guinea
Glowing Creatures Videotaped in Papua New Guinea
Modern Pterosaurs and Dinosaurs, Book Reviews, and Child Care