Excerpts from Live Pterosaurs in America From the Title Page:  “Reports of huge flying “pterodactyls” in American skies have floated around the  internet for years; but before about 2005, details were scarce. When an eyewitness  was named, the interviewer was often anonymous; even when an eyewitness was  credible, and the account published in a newspaper, the story was ridiculed,  discouraging others who had also seen strange flying creatures. Where could  eyewitnesses go? What a predicament for them! Who would believe their reports?”   From the Introduction:  “This book might make a few Americans uneasy to walk alone at night; my  intention, however, is not to frighten but to enlighten as many readers as possible to  know about live-pterosaur investigations. Those who’ve been shocked at the sight of  a flying creature that “should” be extinct—those eyewitnesses, more numerous than  most Americans would guess, need no longer be afraid that everyone will think  them crazy, and no longer need they feel alone. Those of us who’ve listened to the  American eyewitnesses, we who have interviewed them, we now believe. So, if you  will, consider the experiences of these ordinary persons (I’ve interviewed most of  them myself) and accept whatever enlightenment you may.” Pages 21-22, Sighting in California    “I just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I saw a creature last night  (9/21/2009) that baffled us. It was a very large, winged creature that was gliding  maybe 100 yards above us. We stared at the creature in disbelief because it was so  strange . . . it didn’t look like a bird really. . . it almost didn’t look alive until it beat  its wings, once, before going out of view. . . . [after interviewing girlfriend] She  confirmed the sighting that lasted about ten seconds. She mentioned a hang-glider  shape but was sure of an organic wing movement: It was no hang-glider, mostly  gliding, but with flexible wings contracting in and out when they moved . . .”   The third edition of this nonfiction cryptozoology book should be available some time  in November, 2011, on Amazon.com.   Copyright, 2009, 2010, 2011  Jonathan Whitcomb   3rd edition of nonfiction cryptozoology book  Live Pterosaurs in America From a reader of the preliminary proof of  the third edition:   “Once you start reading it, you won’t want  to put it down . . . Out of five stars, I’ll give it  all five.” (A reader in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)   From a reader of the second edition:   “I like how the author is not out to prove  every story in the book and takes great  care to make sure he has the best ones.  He tries hard to make sure there are not  other explanations for sightings. . . . This is  well written and very hard to put down.” (a  review by “stevie” on Amazon.com)   Pterosaurs Living Fossils Cryptozoology and living fossils