The creature of Lake Okanagan
The Ogopogo, of Lake Okanagan in Canada, was once the subject of a television episode of “Proof Positive.” Careful evaluation of all evidences presented in the mini-documentary reveals the reasonableness of the conclusion that strange creatures, some or one of them large, live in this lake. But one analyst on that show downplayed the idea that there was any evidence for a lake monster. Regarding that television episode, it has been noted that "Of course, with a name like “Proof Positive”, it would be expected that the producers . . .  were looking for irrefutable evidence. It may be, however, that standard model philosophy, which is treated as if it were scientific fact, in the media and in many classrooms in America, is playing a part in how these investigations are done by . . . documentary producers."  (The Ogopogo “Lake Monster”)
"The southern end of Lake Okanagan is just 35 miles north of the U.S. border (Washington State)"