Whitcomb Family Daycare

Care for
In the Whitcomb home, quality care for children is
a top priority. Gladys serves nuritious meals that
are based upon California state requirements of
high standards. Whitcomb Family Daycare meets
these nutrition standards under supervision from
the state-funded agency Comprehensive Child
Development (CCD) Food Program.
Call Gladys today: 562 427-6027
or email: longbeachchildcare[at-sign]usa.com
Whitcomb Family Daycare is a member of  the  California Association of Family Child Care (CAFCC).
Jonathan and Gladys care for the cleanliness of their home. They clean all the rooms: kitchen, two play rooms, living room, and the bathroom.
The Whitcombs also care about the safe interaction of the children: a child who is behaving badly (such as being agressive to other children) is corrected in a humane, reasonable way.