Why a back yard fence?
However safe the child care back yard may be, where is safety if children wonder into other back yards? California
requires a six-foot fence to prevent kids from exploring places which are unsafe.
The backyard of a family home child care may be organized for safety and excitement both. The play equipment can be put onto soft rubber-like squares or soft grass. Adequate space for the children to run does not mean that children should be allowed to run off the property, into an area that could be dangerous.
Security of children through fences in back yards
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Fences Around Large Family Day Care Homes In California
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Backyard Fences In Child Care
The state of California has many laws regarding child care, including things that could involve child safety in the back yard of the childcare home.
Each large family day care home must have "A six (6) foot high fence and/
or wall . . . around the side and rear property lines, behind the front yard set-
back." (Chapter 18.56 of "Child Care Homes and Centers." Also, children are not to play in the front yard (regardless of any fence).
This backyard fence (Whitcomb Family Daycare, Long Beach, California) is an example of the state requirement for backyard back-and-side fences that are required for every "large family day care home" in California.
Backyard Security