You need an experienced child care provider for the safety and security of your little one. Gladys Whitcomb and her husband, Jonathan, have been giving quality care to children for over 20 years. Copyright 2008-2013 Jonathan Whitcomb For Parents                              Kids’ Village                              Child Care Links                              Find Whitcomb                              Care for Kids Long Beach Daycare Trusted Child Care in Bixby Highlands Call Gladys at 562-427-6027 Children’s faces covered in online photos, for security Birthday celebration (faces hidden in online photographs) At Whitcomb Family Daycare, they know how to keep little ones safe and secure. They are licensed by the state of California, so laws and principles of safety and security are observed and practiced. Is your child a preschooler? The Whitcombs have a preschool teacher, for the mornings, to provide many fun educational activities such as crafts and story time. Reading story books also helps preschoolers. Does your child need to be picked up from school? Just call Gladys at 562 427-6027 to learn about school pickup or dropoff. Two schools are normally on the route during the regular session. Children in the Whitcomb child care home are given opportunities for social growth as they learn to get along together in play and in activities. They learn how much they have in common, even with the different cultural backgrounds of these children. The kids are also given free piano lessons and chess lessons, when they are old enough (usually at around age six). Music instruction is given on a real piano. For preschoolers, simple early-reading techniques are used for the best results in teaching the younger ones to feel confident in their abilities to learn to read. Phone 562-427-6027. “You’ll be glad you called Gladys.” California Department of Social Services (Child Care Licensing Division) License number for Whitcomb Family Daycare: 191604310 Location of this child care: 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807