To Trust

Whitcomb Family Daycare

Decades of loving work have qualified
Gladys Whitcomb in her care-giving
service for countless children. Why
have some parents driven for miles
to the Whitcomb Family Daycare? It
is better to drive from Cerritos and
Lakewood for this quality of care, for
how happy are the children who spend
a day in this care-giving home! How
mentally stimulating, too! It will please
you and delight your child, this whole-
some safe environment for children.
Gladys Whitcomb, Long Beach
The backyard "village"
of Whitcomb day care
is arranged for safety and enjoyment of kids.

Children love to romp freely, with the eyes
of loving care givers
always nearby.

Children never forget
the wonderful times
they have had here.
Recommendation from two parents:

"We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of care, love and affection that you have provided to both of our children over the past 10 years. You are an amazing family and have provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment to our children and for that we are most grateful. . . . we, and they, will never forget." Kristy and Clark, happy parents in Long Beach, California
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