Childcare Resources in California Family daycare (regular child care in a home), rather than babysitting Although some parents may feel more secure when using babysitting in their own home, family home child care may often give your child more safety, in the long run, than most babysitters. Child safety is critical when the teenager babysitters are considered. Why not look into a more professional child care? Could this be a teenaged babysitter’s idea of play time? (humor intended)  For the safety, health, and education of preschool children, licensed family child care is recommended over babysitting, for most family needs, when long-term care is essential. Use online resources of the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services for information on California laws regarding childcare licensing. For short-term child care help, babysitting may be preferred, in some cases; but the average hourly rate for family child care is much lower than that of a truly professional babysitter*. Consider home childcare for regular care needs of the child. Long Beach (Whitcomb Family) Child Care for all ages is also convenient to Lakewood and Cerritos, California. Link: Backyard fence requirements in the state of California. Be sure that you select a child care that has a secure six-foot-high fence in the backyard play area. California law requires it, when children play in the back yard. *A Google search (Nov, 2009) showed that most babysitters in Cerritos, California, charge $10-$20 per hour for babysitting, which is much more expensive than care at Whitcomb Family Daycare. Even though these are old photos from the Whitcomb Family Daycare, faces are still covered for privacy. The Whitcombs discourage online publishing of photos of kids still in care in the childcare homes that advertise their services. Be careful, please! Good communication with your child care provider is important. (Pictured is Gladys Whitcomb of the Whitcomb Family Daycare in Long Beach, CA) Babysitting or family home child care (Long Beach, Lakewood, and Cerritos, California): "There may be nobody like Grandma to care for a small child. But what about your child's future friendships with other children? . . . " Babysitting or Child Care For Cerritos Families (California)  “How important are human-relationship skills! How rare are they considered in regard to pre-school experiences!” Child Care Associations  The child day care you select should be licensed by the state of California. Ask to see the license. Childcare and education  Young children, including preschoolers, need a variety of educational experiences . . . Child Care Lakewood California  Decades of child care experience in this Long Beach home  Child care for Cerritos & Lakewood  "We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of care, love and affection that you have provided to both of our children over the past 10 years. You are an amazing family and have provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment to our children . . .” Sponsored by Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California 90807 ph 562 427-6027 license 191604310 Astonishing breakthrough in the investigation of the Marfa Lights (“ghost lights”) of Texas  Mountain near Marfa, Texas, where the mystery lights sometimes fly at night For families who travel through southwest Texas, consider a visit to the Marfa Lights Viewing Platform. Recent investigations suggest the these incredible lights are the bioluminescence of a species of flying creature not yet classified in modern science. Some cryptozoologists believe it is related to the bioluminescent ropen  of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea or the “Gitmo Pterosaur” of Cuba. Explaining Marfa Lights  “. . . probably the bioluminescent glow of nocturnal flying predators, probably hunting the Big Brown Bat or other prey at night . . .” Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Jonathan Whitcomb