Book Reviews


By Jonathan Whitcomb

Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive?

by O’Donnell

   It was written by a teenager but “The breadth of the author's investigation at least partially compensates for its lack of depth. He has written a worthy introduction to a less-well-known creationist perspective about living dinosaurs and pterosaurs.”


The Min Min Light

The Visitor Who Never Arrives

by Silcock

   Not only the mysterious flying light in Australia is examined, but similar lights in the British Isles and elsewhere: It’s the common barn owl, Tyto Alba.


Searching for Ropens

Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea

by Whitcomb

   I answer the common thread in criticisms of my book. It’s not so much the revolutionary idea that some pterosaurs are still living in the Southwest Pacific: Searching for Ropens attacks the dogmatism of molecules-to-man evolution.


Return from Tomorrow

by George Ritchie

   In 1943, in an army hospital in Texas, a young soldier died; nine minutes later came back. His spiritual journey during those minutes changed his life. Ritchie’s NDE (near-death-experience) account is extraordinary.

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