California Pterosaur Sightings Jonathan Whitcomb Griffith Park Dragons, 2013  The three flying creatures observed near Griffith Park, California, early in the morning of March 3, 2013, by a driver on the I-5 freeway were not at first glance assumed to be birds but something like three kites for some kind of stunt. But the lady soon changed her mind when she saw the tails move. She sent an email to Jonathan Whitcomb and described to him the “dragons” that she saw fly over her car as she drove near Glendale. Sighting in Orange County, CA According to the book Live Pterosaurs in America (third edition), a man was shocked to see a huge featherless creature fly just above Campus Drive, right in front of his car, as the “ropen” entered the pond area of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. It was in clear daylight, and at close range, in the summer of 2007. That flying creature had no feathers and was about thirty feet long, as it flew just a little above the road which was about thirty feet wide. The tail of the creature was about fifteen feet long and had a “triangle-shaped” structure near the end of that tail. Marsh-grass area of wildlife refuge from which the creature was said to have flown, at mid-day, in August, 2007 --- It may have been hidden in the tall grass before it took off and flew away. Lakewood, California The “Gitmo Pterosaur” may be  closely  related  to  the ropen of So. California, for it also has no feathers but a long tail and a large size Copyright 2008-2013 Jonathan David Whitcomb teradactyl or pterosaur seen in Cuba in 1965 The “dinosaur” that Patty Carson saw on the Guantanamo Bay military base in Cuba in 1965 appears similar to the two flying creatures seen by a U.S. Marine: E. Kuhn. Carson’s sketch (left) may have a longer head crest, but it is also a large featherless flying creature resembling a pterosaur. Ropens Griffith Park, in Los Angeles, CA, has many trails in its 4310 acres, but some of the park is steep terrain with thick undergrowth: almost inaccessible. Sighting in Altadena, CA The teenaged girl saw the giant creature fly up into the mountains above her parent’s house in Altadena, California, around 1968. The dark-colored “pterodactyl” had a wing- span as long as a bus. Lakewood, CA “Dragon” The “dragon-pterodactyl” shocked the lady when she looked up to see it perched on a telephone cable over her backyard. It had no feathers but a long tail that ended in a “triangle.” She was also surprised at the loud noise of the wings, as the creature took off and flew into a neighbor’s tree.